Safina's Plan For Her Holiday.

Hello Readers!
 Today i'm going to tell you about my friend's plan for her school holiday on December. First, Here  some dialog of both of us.

Me        :       Halo Inez! Glad to meet you again. By the way holiday is going to come, so what's                              your plan for your holiday?
Safina   :       Hello Puspa! lad to meet you too. I will be going to visit my father's family in                                      Semarang to spend Christmas.  
Me        :       Oh i see, what will you do there?
Safina   :       I want to spend my holiday with my cousins. I really love them because me and my                              cousins are very close.
Me        :       Really? Maybe it will be fun if i close with my cousins. Actually i'm not very close to                           my cousins, i hope i can bring myself closer to them.
                      Any other plan? What will you do in Semarang?
Safina   :        To be honest there aren'…

An incident when i felt very lucky

Today i want to tell you about my past experience.
        One day, i was waiting for the bus because my parents wouldn't pick me up. My home is quite far from my school, it takes one hour or more from my school to my house. At that time I was 1st grade in Junioir High School 5 Bandung. I wonder why the bus did not come? It was already at 5pm And I've been waiting for about 2 hours. Usually I just have to wait about 30 minutes.         Soon there was a white honda jazz car pulled over in front of the bus stop. I was waiting alone there. And then, the woman wearing the veil came out of the car and asked "Do you remember me?Yesterday we took the bus together?" I nodded.         The day before this, I waited at the bus stop with that woman and went home with her and while we on the bus we chatted along the way. She is very friendly. I was lucky to be home with her.        And then, she asked me to go to home with her car. At first I hesitated but in the end I also obey…

Why is it important to listen to others?

Why is it important to listen to others?
Well, first I want to tell you that I am a good enough person to listen to others, why? Well then, that's the question. Why is it important to listen to others?
But they also not necessarily listen to us well.
In the main Indonesian dictionary, important is the main meaning or can be very valuable (useful) From that understanding we can know that listening to others is very valuable and the main thing in our daily lives.
There are many benefits of listening to others, including:
1. Others will respect our opinions more
2. Others will also listen to us well
3. More appreciated by others
4. Make us wise
5. Will be more loved by others
6. Can add insight and knowledge And many more.
From the information above we know that there are a lot of benefits from listening to others. So now, be a good listener guys!
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INTODUCTION DIALOGUE             Today, i'm going to tell about first time i met my friend. Here some dialogue of us.
Me            : Hi there! Safina      : Hi! Me            : Are you new here? Safina      : Yes i am Me            : Ohh i see, Nice to meet you. By the way what's your name? Safina      : Nice to meet you too. I'm Safina but you can call me Inez. What's yours? Me            : Please call me Puspa. Uhm, Which city did you come from? Safina      : I'm from Semarang.  Me            : Why did you move here? Safina      : Because of my father's job. Me            : Ohh i see.  Safina      : Puspa, Where do you live? Me            : I live in Kota Baru Parahyangan, My house is quite Far from this school. Safina      : By the way it's really nice i have someone to talk with. So, Can you take me around?
Me            : Sure!

Halo!I'm puspa. This is my first time i make a blog.  First of all, i want to introduce myself. My name is Puspa Chandra Kusuma Wardhani but please just call me puspa:). I come from Indonesia. I was born in Bandung which is the city where i live now. 26 November 2002 is my bornday, it means that now i am 14 years old. By the way i love travelling, read novels and watch movie, i will tell you about that later. But for the start i love to watch marvel movies and read some romance novel.
About my name, in Indonesia puspa means flower. I don't know exactly why my parents took that name but i love that. My last name is 'kusuma wardhani' it's taken from Majapahit queen. she's one of queen from the local kingdom. So, i think my name is meaningful.
Anyway, for now i don't know what i have to discuss on my blog. So,i would love to know from you what should i post later?