Short Story

Hello Readers!
Today I will share you one short story tittled The Thirsty Crow.
Maybe you ever heard about this story before, i choose this story because  i really like the moral from the writer. The moral is “Thoughtfulness is superior to brutal force or strength”. Said Sagari Gongala

It was a hot summer’s day. A thirsty crow flew into a village in search of water. The crow flew over the houses, fields, and trees. But he didn’t find any water. After a long time, he came across a farm. Under one of the trees on the farm was a pitcher of water. Happy that he found some water finally, he swooped down to the tree and then down to the ground. He quickly moved towards the pitcher and looked inside. There was very little water in the pot. The crow put his beak inside the pitcher but could not reach the water. The water level was too low, and the narrow opening prevented his neck from going all the way down.


"They're not albino—here's why the big cats can sometimes be a very pale brown."
Here are some facts I summarize from wikipedia...  
     The White Lion is the result of the rare mutations that occur in the Kruger Lion (Panthera leo krugeri) found in some wilds in South Africa and in zoos around the world.
     The White Lion is a subspecies of the lion himself, and has been revered in Timbavati, South Africa, for centuries. Although appearing in 1938. New in the 1970s, White Lion began to get public attention after Chris McBride wrote a book called "The White Lions of Timbavati".

       In 2009, when it first appeared the idea of introducing the White Lion to the wild, many people were not sure this lion would be able to survive there. The reason is that the white color possessed by this Lion makes it unable to camouflage with nature, so it will be difficult to target prey. That is why, most of the White Lion population is currently in the Zoo.       …



Gathapraya is an annual event held by SMAN 3 Bandung. Gathapraya is a festival that introduces Indonesian culture and arts. The event is held on September 30, 2017. Gathapraya itself means the light of the future. Well, enough with the introduction. Now I will tell you about my participation in gathapraya. I became a committee. I am a Money maker or I am someone who works to find funds. I have done my job actually because my job is to get funds before the event. Well, then what do I do in gathapraya? First, I was in the field of Bali at 5 am. After that I was instructed to lead the parade which will begin in the field of Saparua and end up in the Bali field where the event took place. When the parade event took place my friend wearing Kebaya for women and Pangsi for men. After the Parade I was required to accompany a friend who was sick because they were not strong walking during the p…

Today i want to share a video about place that you must visit later and why you have to to visit it.
The place is the Louvre Museum Paris.
Don't you excited?
If you do, go check me and my friend's video that we have made!


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Safina's Plan For Her Holiday.

Hello Readers!
 Today i'm going to tell you about my friend's plan for her school holiday on December. First, Here  some dialog of both of us.

Me        :       Halo Inez! Glad to meet you again. By the way holiday is going to come, so what's your plan for your holiday?
Safina   :       Hello Puspa! lad to meet you too. I will be going to visit my father's family in                 Semarang to spend Christmas.  
Me        :       Oh i see, what will you do there?
Safina   :       I want to spend my holiday with my cousins. I really love them because me and my cousins are very close.
Me        :       Really? Maybe it will be fun if i close with my cousins. Actually i'm not very close to my cousins, i hope i can bring myself closer to them. Any other plan? What will you do in Semarang?
Safina   :       To be honest there aren't anything fun in Semarang. Maybe i'm going to Waterpark or visiting my grandparents graveyard.
Me        :       Oh i see.…

An incident when i felt very lucky

Today i want to tell you about my past experience.
        One day, i was waiting for the bus because my parents wouldn't pick me up. My home is quite far from my school, it takes one hour or more from my school to my house. At that time I was 1st grade in Junioir High School 5 Bandung. I wonder why the bus did not come? It was already at 5pm And I've been waiting for about 2 hours. Usually I just have to wait about 30 minutes.         Soon there was a white honda jazz car pulled over in front of the bus stop. I was waiting alone there. And then, the woman wearing the veil came out of the car and asked "Do you remember me?Yesterday we took the bus together?" I nodded.         The day before this, I waited at the bus stop with that woman and went home with her and while we on the bus we chatted along the way. She is very friendly. I was lucky to be home with her.        And then, she asked me to go to home with her car. At first I hesitated but in the end I also obey…

Why is it important to listen to others?

Why is it important to listen to others?
Well, first I want to tell you that I am a good enough person to listen to others, why? Well then, that's the question. Why is it important to listen to others?
But they also not necessarily listen to us well.
In the main Indonesian dictionary, important is the main meaning or can be very valuable (useful) From that understanding we can know that listening to others is very valuable and the main thing in our daily lives.
There are many benefits of listening to others, including:
1. Others will respect our opinions more
2. Others will also listen to us well
3. More appreciated by others
4. Make us wise
5. Will be more loved by others
6. Can add insight and knowledge And many more.
From the information above we know that there are a lot of benefits from listening to others. So now, be a good listener guys!
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